Join the Hunters' League and receive exclusive rewards!

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Support Alder's Blood by joining and expanding the Hunters' League, an elite community of hunters that can receive exclusive rewards. Get your friends to join and receive points. More points, better rewards.

What rewards can Hunters' League members expect to win?

  • Access to the Closed Alpha;
  • Special Discord role allowing early access to news and role-exclusive updates;
  • Exclusive AMA's and streams;
  • Digital interactive map;
  • Digital artbook.

Join the Hunters' League

Join the elite community of hunters in Alder's Blood called "Hunters' League" by subscribing to this list. Thanks to that you will be able to gain access to our hidden Discord forums and become a special member of our community.

Moreover, among the first hunters to join the Hunters' League we will give the codes that will allow them to get a 10%-20% discount on Alder's Blood once the game is released. But HURRY, as this reward can be won only by the very early members.

About Alder's Blood

Lead a group of Hunters in a world where nature has lost her mind and repelled civilisation. Use stealth and tactics to overcome the never-ending onslaught of monsters, the manifestations of your god's decay. 

Manage your scarce resources, venture out with your fellow companions and explore the remnants of the world in search of the means for mankind's survival.

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